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احبک١١:٢٩ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/٢٢دوست دارم ♥️عشقمگزارش
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you talked٠٩:٣٠ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٩You talked to me somehow as if you were hiring me Laughing, it's a very important celebration Kissing Day means stamping your future candidate, I l ... گزارش
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pretty girl١٥:٢٥ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٧I am a very pretty girl with beautiful hair من خیلی دختر خوشگل و با موهای زیبایی هستمگزارش
34 | 4
fervidly٠٩:٢٩ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٧مشتاقانه 🤩😍 A few months ago I noticed that words and sentences came from him I am looking forward to the love of my love Tell John heart Love Don ... گزارش
21 | 2
impetus١٤:٣٩ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٦نیروی جنبش ، انگیزه You have sinned The impetus of a young girl to come to lucky Down low ?So when will my traditional wedding ceremony take place ... گزارش
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give up love١٦:٤١ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٣عشق را رها کن kamal Pull yourself out I've been waiting for years Let my father, the son of the future, live my life with the desire I had for mys ... گزارش
7 | 3
could١٧:٢٠ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٠I could wait these two years but it very difficult for me to wait a few days این دو سال تونستم صبر کنم اما چند روز صبر کردن برایم بسیار دشوار استگزارش
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childhood١٧:١٦ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/١٠Your pleasant voice is the sound of a world of peace and happiness I miss my childhood for hugging you You even bother me while I'm sleeping I can't ... گزارش
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he is a lucky boy٢١:٤٣ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/٠٦او پسر خوش شانسی هستگزارش
9 | 2
love moon١٢:٣٦ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/٠٢زیبایی ماه عشق Kiss on your lips and beautiful face بوسه بر روی لب و صورت زیبای ماهت خیلی دوست دارم عشقمگزارش
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i will stay with you for a lifetime until the end of my life١٤:٤٧ - ١٣٩٨/١٢/٠١من یک عمر تا اخر نفسم در کنار تو ، عشقم خواهم موندگزارش
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heart's desire١٢:٤١ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٢١My heart's desire is your heart's desire Your heart's desire, my whole heart's desire خواست قلبی من خواست قلبی تو باشد ( هست ) 👰 خواست قلبی تو ، خ ... گزارش
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love my energy level always go up١٢:٢٠ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٢٠Although I am an energy source myself I get energy from you i love you ♥️〽️♾💌 با اینکه خودم منبع انرژی هستم از تو انرژی میگیرم عشق ماهرخ زیبایم د ... گزارش
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electrical engineering١٠:٤١ - ١٣٩٨/١١/١٣مهندس برق See, who was a boy When he was a undergraduate in Tehran wearing a white T - shirt and she liked to be her girlfriend, and when I was in h ... گزارش
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patriotic١٥:١٨ - ١٣٩٨/١١/١١هم وطن ، وطن پرستانه 💑 Bulbula va turkan valizada _Nazh Duzlu ♥️🎼♾♥️ Yarimگزارش
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cost accountant٢٠:٠٨ - ١٣٩٨/١١/١٠برآورد کننده، متخصص Your account lesson has always been superior درس حساب شما همیشه برتربوده استگزارش
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excitement١٩:١٥ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٠٧I need the excitement to continue my life I need you The excitement of my love life I wish we could finish these days sooner برای ادامه زندگی به هیجا ... گزارش
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einstein٢٠:٣٥ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٠٤انیشتین The most elite ) To be a foreign resident, being an original brand of foreign origin seemed jealous ) برای اقامت خارجی ( نخبه بودن ) اورجینا ... گزارش
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hug and cuddle love٠٥:٤٨ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٠٤آغوش ونوازش عشق hug in my arms and kiss you, pat head and cuddle hair در آغوشم بگیرمت و بوست کنم سرتو رو پام بذاری و اروم اروم مو هاتو نوازشت کنم صو ... گزارش
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لیلی و مجنون١٨:٥٧ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٠٣I'm your lela, you'r majnon Our grandmother will watch us with all her beauties at our wedding table, and she will be happy to ask for a marriage sh ... گزارش
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grandmother١٦:٠٦ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٠٣I longed to sit at the table with my grandmother as a Sadly and caressing his affectionate hands on my head, we afflicted the world several times ار ... گزارش
21 | 3
agree and affirm your most beautiful thoughtful decision٠٤:٤٣ - ١٣٩٨/١١/٠٢موافقیت و تایید با بهترین تصمیم اندیشمندانه ( متفکرانه ) زیبای شما 〽️ ( placet موافقم عشقم ) You made the best coherent, fair and logical decision t ... گزارش
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request١٨:٥٤ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٣٠تقاضا کردنگزارش
30 | 4
life٠٩:١٧ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٨Life is beautiful beside love زندگی در کنار عشق زیباست ♥️گزارش
44 | 5
information٠٩:٠٥ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٧I'm proud of my love and thank for everything we have and don't have I love living with love, and I have no trouble mind for the future The house i ... گزارش
37 | 9
prince boy lucky٢٠:٣٢ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٦No doubt، the happy prince boy lucky 🧿There is no doubt that the second son prince will be born into a life of extraordinary luxury, which means tha ... گزارش
9 | 3
residence abroad٠٩:٢٤ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٦دارای اقامت خارج از کشور ( اقامت کشور خارجی ) My love is staying abroad Yeah we are so cool We live at the height of the fun of the world What ar ... گزارش
12 | 3
cry tears of joy١٧:٥٥ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٤اشک شادی ریختن Nexe time l make you cry, you will cry tears of joy دفعه بعدی که اشکت در میارم اشک شادی ات خواهد بود 〽️😘گزارش
9 | 3
it's good looking and beautiful٠٨:٣٩ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٣grace , pulchritude and bon ton خوش فرم و خوش نژاد زیباست 〽️گزارش
25 | 3
invite٢٠:٤٨ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١وعده گرفتن ، دعوت کردن، مهمان کردن، طلبیدن ، وعده دادن I won the betting game and you promised to make me a ask barbecue Now I wish ( feel like ) aga ... گزارش
46 | 6
culminant١٩:٣٢ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١Hours ( great opportunity ) Double privacy for recognizing the culminant of love, intimacy, pleasant memories remembered before marriage ساعاتی ( فرص ... گزارش
7 | 2
embrace your love١٨:٠٧ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١You lie you don't miss me I was fine, then You will come to see me if you like me Please, or do you want to embrace your love with your own love تو ... گزارش
12 | 2
do not let me down and upset١٧:٥٩ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١من را مایوس و ناراحت تضعیف روحیه نکن گزارش
7 | 2
describe two very bitter options two years of waiting with a thousand hopes١٧:٥٧ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١توصیف دو گزینه ی بسیار تلخ دوسال انتظار با هزار امیدگزارش
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to be more rational١٧:٥٦ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١منطقی تر باشیمگزارش
7 | 2
materfamilias١٣:٤٧ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢١کدبانو ، بانو ی خانه I want you to love me For you, home of all the foods you love تو جون بخوا عشقم برای تو ، تو خونه همه ی غذاهایی خوشمزه ی که د ... گزارش
7 | 2
before٠٩:٢٥ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٠if you don't come to see me before you get married You can't hear me at a wedding اگر شما تا قبل از خواستگاری به دیدن من نیای از من نمیتونی تو مرا ... گزارش
30 | 2
aspiring٠١:٣٣ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/٢٠آرزومند ، مشتاق از ته دل ♥️ A heartbeat to see and meet you Eagerly looking forward to seeing you on the moon Meeting you is a heartfelt ambition in ... گزارش
39 | 3
breakfast١٠:١٤ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٩صبحانه خوردن We had a hearty breakfast with respectable colleagues today Inshallah at the time we would like you to be with us for breakfast, along ... گزارش
25 | 2
mutual love romance٠٦:٥٨ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٩عشق عاشقانه دو طرفه ♾〽️♥️ You and I are always in love من و تو عشقم همیشه برای هم هستیم گزارش
9 | 1
goodnees١٩:٢٨ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٨مهربانی ، خوبی Under the shade and goodness of God and beside you that will always advance my growth and development زیر سایه و خوبی های خدا و در کن ... گزارش
9 | 1
the peak of happiness١٨:٤٣ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٨اوج خوشبختی you are a the peak of happiness in my destiny اوج خوشبختی من در سرنوشتم هستی ♥️ And you were a good servant of God and my ideal man تو ... گزارش
7 | 1
positively١٨:٠٤ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٨I responded positively with the knowledge I had Because after returning from the road, I still remember your words beautifully با شناختی که از تو داش ... گزارش
9 | 2
decide١٧:٠٠ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٨Did you decide my heart's desire ?and your offer fairly I am interested in the value and importance of obeying your decision آیا شمابه خواسته قلب م ... گزارش
12 | 3
in this case your decision is my decision٢٠:٢٧ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٧در این مورد تصمیم تو ، تصمیم من هستگزارش
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beautiful birdegroom to bridal party١٩:٢٥ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٦Dance of the moon and star at their bridal party رقص ماه و ستاره در جشن فوقالعاده کهکشان آرمانی زیبای عروسیشان♥️🌕♾⭐️❤️ جالب و جذاب درخشانترین رقص و ... گزارش
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my heart١٦:١٨ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٦Oh my heart Your voices make me crazy From your eyes I don't tell you what is wearing Lips that bring me to a world of happiness آخ قلبم صدات منو د ... گزارش
474 | 11
heart's desire١٢:٤١ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٦خواسته ی قلب True love means you want to fulfill my heart's desire well into the future I was very impressed by your positive and romantic attitude ... گزارش
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ben seni seviyorum١٨:٣٨ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٤Aşkına ihtiyacım var Sen benim guzlerimin ışığının sevincisin ♥️〽️♾Sen kalbimin ve guzlerimin , ruhumun sevincisin 🎼 ebru gundes - sen allah'in bir ... گزارش
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beautiful dream١٢:٤٣ - ١٣٩٨/١٠/١٤Two days ago I saw your beautiful dream We sat together at the table together. My mom had delicious baked Tabrizi dumpling. You sat next to me and h ... گزارش
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