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40 سوال برای معلم تام | ویژه تولد

کانال دریم انگلیش کانال دریم انگلیش
٥١٥,٠٠٠ دنبال کننده ١٤٠١/١١/٢٧ (٧ ماه قبل)

00:00 Introduction
00:48 What country do you want to live in next?
01:22 What plans do you have for the future?
02:07 What's your favourite thing you've experienced making this channel?
03:37 What are your tips for learning English?
04:38 What tips do you have for non-native speakers giving lectures/speeches?
06:47 What's your absolute favourite place in London?
07:36 What's your educational background?
08:17 Do you still feel 30?
09:37 What advice do you have for 20 somethings?
11:28 Have you ever been to Greece?
11:40 Why do Brits love fish and chips so much?
11:49 Are you learning any languages?
12:18 Are you happy in your life right now?
13:19 Do you have any university recommendations?
14:33 What makes you the happiest in the world?
15:22 Photos of me in Spain when I was 25
15:41 Two lessons from your life from your 40 years on earth
18:06 How do you change so easily between accents?
18:56 What advice do you have non-native ESL teachers when they make mistakes?
20:21 Are you married or single?
20:32 Have you ever been to Brazil?
20:38 How did you start you English teaching career?
21:07 Do you have any pronunciation tips for students?
21:58 How is your sister? Are you doing another video with her?
22:25 Have you done anything willy-nilly recently?
22:53 Why don't Brits speak more than 1 language?
23:46 Do most Brits leave home at 18?
24:54 What's your favourite British meal?
25:19 Which British city is the best to live in? (not London)
26:13 What is your favourite video game?
26:40 What was the idea behind Eat Sleep Dream English?
26:56 What is your biggest dream?
27:17 Can I get a job in Britain as an intermediate English speaker?
27:54 Have you been to Derbyshire?
28:15 What's the best cafe in London?