گزارش ذخیره

15 عبارت انگلیسی روزانه که باید بدانید

کانال انگلیسی با ونسا کانال انگلیسی با ونسا
٤,٦٥٠,٠٠٠ دنبال کننده ١٤٠١/٠٨/١٣ (١ سال قبل)

00:00 مقدمه
01:02 to swing by
02:10 well see
03:13 Ill get back to you
04:05 Lets go for it
04:52 Take a breather
05:53 Ill do it in a sec
06:39 Just the three of us
07:50 Off they went
08:36 Show me how its done
09:59 A new phase in life
10:36 To your hearts content
11:29 Love is you never know
12:44 Take it easy
13:25 I thought it was a good idea
14:43 Save the rest