مخفف: was not

جمله های نمونه

1. homa wasn't that late
هما آنقدرها هم تاخیر نداشت.

2. i wasn't angry or anything
من عصبانی یا تو این مایه حرف ها که می گویی،نبودم.

3. i wasn't refering to you
منظورم (یا اشاره ام) به شما نبود.

4. it wasn't long before his carryings on were the talk of the town
دیری نپایید که روابط نامشروع او در شهر ورد زبان ها شد.

5. it wasn't to her taste
به سلیقه ی (مطابق سلیقه) او نبود.

6. there wasn't even a single sail in sight
حتی یک کشتی هم به چشم نمی خورد.

7. his english wasn't bad but he made occasional howlers
انگلیسی او بد نبود ولی گهگاه اشتباهات خنده آوری می کرد.

8. finding out that her mother wasn't home, the child threw a fit
وقتی بچه فهمید که مادرش خانه نیست الم شنگه زیادی راه انداخت.

9. it is a wonder he wasn't killed in the accident
تعجب آور است که در تصادف کشته نشد.

10. it was a mercy he wasn't killed!
خدایی بود که کشته نشد!

11. it was proven that she wasn't as lily-white as she pretended to be
ثابت شد که آن جور که وانمود می کرد معصوم نبود.

12. "why didn't you come?" "because i wasn't invited"
((چرا نیامدی ؟)) ((چون که دعوت نشده بودم. ))

13. he was so drunk that he wasn't aware of where he was
آنقدر مست بود که نمی دانست کجاست.

14. it is a shame that he wasn't told
تاسف آور است که به او گفته نشده بود.

15. don't take what he said personally; he wasn't referring to you
از حرف های او رنجیده نشو; منظورش تو نبودی.

انگلیسی به انگلیسی

• did not exist, did not live, did not occupy a position, did not exist in a particular condition; negated form of the first and third person singular past tense form of "be"

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