warm up to something

پیشنهاد کاربران

حال کردن با کسب یا چیزی - شروع کردن به لذت بردن از چیزی

warm up to someone/something

🔴 to begin to like or enjoy someone or something :
◀️ She was not a person who was easy to warm up to

I love Bryan, Spencer and Mason, especially Spencer. I prefer James to Jamie, just because I believe a kid should have a formal name to put on a resume or diploma. I would names him James but call him Jamie. Jamie is such a cute NN. Dante, IMO is not bad. I don’t love it but I think I could warm up to it over time. I am not down with Valentino. It is too long and formal for my taste. Much much good luck! Let us know what you decide!
اول مخالف بودن، ولی کم کم یک چیزی رو قبول کردن. یا از کسی خوش آمدن. بالاخره کم کم متقاعد شدن.
با کسی گرم گرفتن
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