take credit

به انگلیسی

• take the praise for something

پیشنهاد کاربران

افتخار کردن
اعتبار کسب کردن
Accept praise for
- به نام خود زدن
- به اسم کسی ثبت شدن/کردن
- نام کسی با چیزی گره خوردن
- تحسین/تشویق شدن
Take credit for تشویق شدن به خاطر
Give credit for تشویق کردن به خاطر
Take credit for what someone else do تشویق شدن به خاطر کاری که دیگری انجام میدهد
( به نام خود زدن )
I take credit for that
من بخاطر اونکار به خودم افتخار میکنم
🔵 You earn academic credit by enrolling in and completing college or university courses with passing grades. The amount of credit you receive after completing a course varies based on the length of the class. Make sure you know how many credits ( also known as “credit hours” ) you have signed up for each term.

🔵 ? What are credits in university
In the U. S. , students receive semester credit hours, which are based on the number of contact hours accumulated during one semester. Mainly, you would have to take around 5 courses each semester, where each course is worth 3 semester credit hours, the equivalent of 45 - 48 contact hours.

🔵 Credits are one of the primary methods used to determine and document that students have met academic requirements, generally at the high school level. Credits are awarded upon completing and passing a course or required school program. . . . Most public high schools require students to accumulate credits to earn a diploma.

انتخاب واحد ( دانشگاه )
افتخار کسب کردن برای من معنی داد👍
به اسم کسی تمام کردن
افتخارش برای کس دیگه ای باشه
My boss took credit for my work
رئیسم کار منو به اسم خودش تموم کردن
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