پیشنهاد کاربران

آفتاب گرفتن
✳ Anything that has been touched by the sunlight, appearing orange - yellow or gold in lighting, and are warm to the touch.
By early morning, bed was warm and the blankets were sunkissed by the rays of light coming in through the window.

✳When some one is tanned really nicely
when u go to the beach and get tanned and the bathing suit line is white compared to ur skin color

✳A Sunkiss is when you receive a blister on your lips from being in the sun. It looks much like a cold sore bit is not contagious.
I was sunkissed from being outside all day.

✳having recieved oral stimulation on ones anus.

She was getting sunkissed by the milkman when her husband came home.
آفتاب سوخته، برنزه

Sun - kissed summer
برای توصیف آب و هوا میشه آفتابگیر
برای توصیف فرد میشه جذاب ، برنزه
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