spot on

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به انگلیسی

• spot-on means exactly correct or accurate; an informal word.

پیشنهاد کاربران

کاملاً دقیق
exactly correct or accurat
کاملا" درست .
به نظر بنده این معنی بهتره . وقتی که از شخصی سوالی پرسیده می شود و جواب سوال رو به درستی جواب می دهددر جوابش میتونیم بگیم " کاملا" درسته" . Spot On یک اصطلاح کاملا" slang هستش.
کاملأ درسته با خشنودی
به معنی right هستش

زدی تو خال
کاملا صحیح
سر بزنگاه
it's spot on
یعنی کاملا درسته، دقیقا همینه
فوق دقیق - کاملاً صحیح و درست
🔴 completely accurate or correct / exactly right / Spot - on means exactly correct or accurate ( صفت )
Spot one غیر رسمی می باشد
accurate / correct / right / perfect / exact / unerring
inch - perfect / bang on / on the money / on the nose
wrong / incorrect / inaccurate

مثال ها :
◀️ your reviews are spot on
◀️ "How old do I reckon she is? I'd say 38. " "Spot on. "
◀️ a spot - on impersonation
◀️ Schools were told their exam information had to be spot - on and accurate
◀️ The weather forecast was spot - on
◀️ Judith is always spot - on with her advice
◀️ On one point you are spot - on.
◀️ The descriptions of the characters in relation to their star signs is spot - on.
◀️ Sharp characterisation, fine comedy performances and spot - on dialogue.
◀️ Freddie is spot - on when he says only lawyers get rich from couples who bicker over who gets what from the divorce.
◀️ After a fair few spot - on write - ups in the last few months, now the fashion pack moved in on him
◀️ your prediction was spot - on
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