sold on

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Sales & Marketing Idioms
⭐ ( Sold On ( Something
Convinced of something
⭐sell someone on something
1 ) to persuade someone that something is good, valuable, or useful
👈🏿The filmmakers sold me on the idea that my book would work on the screen
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sell sb on sth
2 ) to persuade someone to buy something or give support to an idea
👈🏿Distributors are trained to sell consumers on the idea that these products are a necessary part of their safety system
👈🏿She's really sold on the idea of moving to Australia
⭐sold on something
believing that something is very good
👈🏿I’m not completely sold on that idea
⭐sell ( someone ) on
1 ) to persuade ( someone ) to be interested in and excited about ( something )
👈🏿He tried to sell them on the project. —
2 ) often used as ( be ) sold on
👈🏿She wasn't sold on the idea
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persuade - convince
عبارت، با مفهوم فارسی:
*متقاعد کردن کسی به خوب بودن جنسی
*مجاب نمودن

- مطمئن بودن از بابت ( عملکرد، درستی، صداقت ) کسی یا چیزی
- اطمینان خاطر داشتن
- وقتی دلت قرصه از بابت کسی یا چیزی
- باور و اعتقاد داشتن
I’m now sold on a deep commitment to a win - win. I will do a deal that I win and the other
. party wins
( اصطلاح ) متقاعد شدن، پی بردن به ارزش چیزی یا کسی.
عامیانه ) اشتیاق فراوان داشتن، enthusiastic، keen, علاقه مند، ( بیشتر این نوع علاقه در مورد اشیاء بیجان است مثل ماشین و. . . I am sold on this beautiful car من عاشق این ماشین زیبا هستم