جمله های نمونه

1. scholars of the first rank welcomed him as their peer
دانشمندان تراز اول او را به عنوان هم سنخ خود با آغوش باز پذیرفتند.

2. the commonalty of scholars
همه ی دانشمندان

3. anti-intellectual atmospheres never produce scholars
محیط های ضدمتفکر هرگز دانشمند نمی پرورانند.

4. one of our university's reputable scholars
یکی از دانشمندان خوشنام دانشگاه ما

پیشنهاد کاربران

The word "scholars" refers to individuals who are highly educated and knowledgeable in a particular field of study. They are typically experts in their respective fields and have extensive experience conducting
[مشاهده متن کامل]
research, analyzing data, and publishing scholarly articles. The term can be used to refer to academics, researchers, scientists, and other professionals who have advanced degrees and are recognized for their contributions to their fields.

پژوهشگران، محققان
اندیشمندان ،
دانش پژوهان، محققان