pull oneself up by ones own bootstraps

شبکه مترجمین ایران

بررسی کلمه

عبارت ( phrase )
• : تعریف: to succeed by one's own efforts.

پیشنهاد کاربران

روی پای خود ایستادن
به خود تکیه کردن
بدون تکیه به دیگران از پس مشکلی برآمدن/ کاری را انجام دادن
To get out of a difficult situation by one's own efforts

Teachers exhorted us to be like him, to lift ourselves from poverty by our bootstraps
معلمان از ما می خواستند ( به ما توصیه می کردند ) همانند او باشیم. و خودمان خودمان را از فقر رهایی دهبم ( نجات دهیم ) .
To pull yourself up by your bootstraps means to succeed or elevate yourself
without any outside help. To pull yourself up by your bootstraps is actually physically impossible. In fact, the original meaning of the phrase was more along the lines of “to try to do something completely absurd. ”
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