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• (military) operation in which information designed to influence public opinion is delivered within enemy territory (ex: radio free europe, leaflets promoting a political opinion, etc.)

پیشنهاد کاربران

عملیات روانی؛
عملیاتی است که برای انتقال اطلاعات منتخب به مخاطبان انجام می شود.
psychological operations
e. g.
US rightwing conspiracy theory touts Taylor Swift as
[مشاهده متن کامل]

Pentagon asset
. . .
Far - right influencers make absurd claim singer an ‘election psyop’ to ‘manipulate’ voters after ‘rigged’ Super Bowl favors Chiefs
. . .
Taylor Swift is a “Pentagon asset”, an “election interference psyop” who, with unnamed left - leaning forces, has conspired to “rig” the Super Bowl and then endorse Joe Biden in the presidential election.
. . .
That’s according to a raft of influential rightwing figures, who have begun to spread a conspiracy theory that Swift, a pop star, is part of a nefarious plot ahead of November’s presidential election.

عملیات روانی
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