جمله های نمونه

1. peppered and parsleyed potatoes
سیب زمینی فلفل زده و جعفری زده

2. he peppered his opponent with short lefts
او ضربه های کوتاه دست چپ خود را بر حریف خود فرود آورد.

3. reporters peppered him with questions
خبرنگاران او را سوال پیچ کردند.

4. the wind peppered cold sleet into our faces
باد برف و باران به صورتمان می پاشید.

5. the roof was peppered with hailstones
دانه های تگرگ بر بام فرود می آمد.

انگلیسی به انگلیسی

• spicy, piquant; peppery; containing pepper
food that is peppered has had pepper added to it to give it a spicy flavour.
something that is peppered with things has many of them all over its surface, or contains a lot of them.
see also pepper.

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