out there

شبکه مترجمین ایران

به انگلیسی

• not standard, not ordinary, unconventional; great, excellent, unreal, incredibly wonderful (slang); taking part , participating in (slang)

پیشنهاد کاربران

غیر متعارف - غیرمعمول
“اون بیرون” یا به عبارتی جای مشخصی که طرفین میشناسن
different� from what most� people �regard� as� normal� or� usual
عجیب غریب
غیر عادی، عجیب، نامتعارف، دیوانه،
- very extreme
- unusual
- strange
- silly
- unconventional
- eccentric
- crazy
- mentally deranged
- scatter - brained
- a person with very quirky, loony or insane actions
- iconoclastic
- out of the ordinary
- Not conforming to accepted norms or standards
• an out there work of art, style, idea
• He’s brilliant, but some of his ideas are really out there
• I tried to reason with Chris, but he's out there
غیر واقعی
very strange or unusual : out of the ordinary.
out there سه تا مفهوم میتونه داشته باشه:
1 - به هر مکانی غیر از اینجا اطلاق میشه.
My real father is out there and one day I plan to find him.
2 - جایی که فردی یا چیزی خیلی می تونه مورد توجه قرار بگیره.
Some of the greatest surfers out there are female.
3 - ایده یا یه چیز غیر معمول و عجیب
He’s brilliant, but some of his ideas are really out there.
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