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معنی office supplies، مفهوم office supplies، تعریف office supplies، معرفی office supplies، office supplies چیست، office supplies یعنی چی، office supplies یعنی چه
برچسب ها: انگلیسی به فارسی، انگلیسی به فارسی با حرف o، دانشنامه کاربران، دانشنامه کاربران با حرف o
کلمه بعدی: office work
اشتباه تایپی: خببهزث سعححمهثس
آوا: /وففیکه سوپپلئاس/
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1 ) Office supplies are consumables and equipment regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, by individuals engaged in written communications, recordkeeping or bookkeeping, janitorial and cleaning, and for storage of supplies or data
2 ) the materials such as paper and pens that are needed in offices:
E. g. United Stationers sells office supplies through 30 distribution centers throughout the country.
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