no worries

پیشنهاد کاربران

چه زحمتی.
نگران نباش
غمت نباشه
✍ اصطلاحات جایگزین برای "you're welcome"
✅ no problem
✅️ Don’t mention it
✅️ No worries
✅️ Not a problem
✅️ My pleasure
✅️ It was nothing
✅️ I’m happy to help
✅️ Not at all
✅️ Anytime
کاری نکردم
not to worry
جای نگرانی نیست
No worries
ناراحت نشو
همون you're welcome هست
🌠 all right; fine
🌠 1. Your welcome
"John thanks for letting me borrow your pencil. "
"No worries, Bob"
🌠 English phrase used especially in Australia
[مشاهده متن کامل]

No worries is an expression seen in English meaning "do not worry about that", "that's all right", "she'll be alright", "over the shoulder", "forget about it" or "sure thing". It is similar to the US English "no problem". The phrase is widely used in Australian speech and represents a feeling of friendliness, good humour, optimism and "mateship" in Australian culture. The phrase has been referred to as the national motto of Australia.

قابلی نداشت
خواهش میکنم، مشکلی نیس
خیالت راحت
خواهش میکنم
مشکلی نیست مسئله ای نیست
ای بابا زحمتی نداشت، چه زحمتی
No problem
Don't worry about it
It's ok
چرا که نه
No problem
مشاهده ادامه پیشنهادها (١٠ از ١٩)