mess with

به انگلیسی

• become involved with, start with; cause problems

پیشنهاد کاربران

در افتادن، سر به سر گذاشتن.
به هم ریختن یا خراب کردن چیزی
mess with someone's mind/head:
to cause someone to feel confused
The movie messes with your mind and you don't find out what's going on until the end.
اشتباه کردن، خراب کردن
دخالت کردن
I don't know why you have to mess with his head like that. If you don't want to be in a relationship with him, just say so!
نمیفمم تو که نیمیخوایش مجبوری اینجوری بهمش بریزی و باش بحث کنی، آره.
به چالش کشیدن
سر به سر ( کسی ) گذاشتن
دارم سر به سرت می ذارم : I just mess with you

به چیزی دست ور کردن
He was messing with his bike and then he couldn't fit the parts back together.
I am messing with you
دارم سر به سرت میذارم.
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