قانون ـ فقه : مزاوجت
شبکه مترجمین ایران

جمله های نمونه

1. she fantasized about marrying the king of the fairies
او درباره ی ازدواج با شاه پریان خیالبافی می کرد.

2. he is not the marrying kind
او اهل ازدواج نیست.

3. she was hustled into marrying a man she did not like
با عجله او را وادار به ازدواج با مردی کردند که از او خوشش نمی آمد.

4. they dragooned him into marrying the pregnant girl
او را وادار کردند که دختر آبستن را بگیرد.

5. he sounded out the parents about marrying their daughter
سعی کرد نظر والدین درباره ی ازدواج با دخترشان را بفهمد.

6. her parents talked her out of marrying javad
والدینش او را از ازدواج با جواد منصرف کردند.

7. he finally inveigled the rich widow into marrying him
بالاخره بیوه زن پولدار را فریب داد و با او ازدواج کرد.

8. she was ostracized by her family for marrying a hindu
به خاطر ازدواج با یک هندو از خانوداه اش طرد شد.

به انگلیسی

• taking a husband or wife; act of performing a wedding ceremony; giving in marriage (usually of a daughter by her father); joining of two parties in an intimate way; espousal

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