in hot water

بررسی کلمه

عبارت ( phrase )
• : تعریف: (informal) in a bad situation; in trouble.

پیشنهاد کاربران

It's an idiom for 'in trouble' phrase.
✔️ in trouble or disgrace
👈🏿 "he landed in hot water for an alleged V - sign to the fans"
In Hot Water
✔️ In need of help; in trouble
be in hot water
idiom ( also get into hot water )
[مشاهده متن کامل]

✔️ to be in or get into a difficult situation in which you are in danger of being criticized or punished
👈🏿 He found himself in hot water over his comments about immigration
CambridgeDictionary. com@
in hot water
✔️ if someone is in hot water, they are in trouble because they have done something wrong
👈🏿 The finance minister found himself in hot water over his business interests
✔️land/get yourself in hot water
👈🏿 She got herself in hot water with the authorities
LongmanDictionary. com@
hot water
✔️ a difficult or dangerous situation : TROUBLE entry 1 sense 4 —used with in or into
👈🏿 In recent years, comedians have found themselves in hot water for making politically incorrect topics about everything from race to gender
in hot water
✔️ Having provoked or incited anger, hostility, or punishment against oneself; in a troublesome or difficult situation, especially that which will result in punishment or reprisal
👈🏿 I was in a bit of hot water with Janice last night when she found out I went to the movies instead of cleaning out the garage
👈🏿 The senator is in hot water with constituents over his callous remarks
in hot water ( with someone ) ( about someone or something )
✔️ Fig. in trouble. ( *Typically: be ~; get [into] ~. )
👈🏿 You are going to get into hot water with Rebecca about that
👈🏿 Amy got into hot water about Todd with Rebecca
👈🏿 John got himself into hot water by being late
TheFteeDictionary. com@
ضرب المثل، با معادل فارسی:
⚡تو هچل افتادن
⚡تو دردسر افتادن

در دردسر بودن/افتادن
مورد سرزنش قرار گرفتن
در یک موقعیت که مردم از تو عصبانی ان.
You told him our secret and now you are in hot water.
used when we are in very bad problem or trouble
دردسر بزرگی با شخصی یا چیزی داشتIN TROUBLE
In great trouble
به دردسر افتادن، گرفتار شدن، تو مخمصه افتادن
کریس تو بد مخمصه ای افتاده:Chris is in hot water
کنایه از ( در دردسر بزرگی افتادن )
When someone in hot water, they're in a bad situation or serious trouble
دردسر بزرگ
به درد سر افتادن
in great trouble
در دردسر افتادن
توی دردسر افتادن
تو دردسر افتادن
تو زحمت افتادن ، در یک مشکل بزرگ ، دردسر
means=In great trouble
به معنای =در یک زحمت بزرگ ، در سختی افتادن

In great trouble. . . . . . . در یک موقعیت سخت . یک مشکل بزرگ.
In bad situation
In a big problem
دردسر عظیم
دردسر بزرگ داشتن

تو زحمت افتادن
تو ی هچل افتادن
در یک دردسر بزرگ
مشاهده ادامه پیشنهادها (١٠ از ٢٤)