house officer

پیشنهاد کاربران

( US intern )
a doctor working in a hospital who is in their first year after completing their medical degree:
دکتری که در بیمارستان کار می کند و در اولین سال تحصیلی خود پس از تکمیل مدرک پزشکی است
[مشاهده متن کامل]

انترن، کارورز، کارآموز
I finished my training and then worked as a house officer in a large teaching hospital.
A house officer apparently gave him painkillers.
She was a house officer in the cardiology department and learned a lot from her mentors.
He worked long hours as a house officer, but he enjoyed helping the patients.
She applied for a house officer position at the local hospital after graduating from medical school.

رزیدنت ها یا به قول انگلیسی ها house officer ها پزشکانی هستند که در بیمارستان یا کلینیک تحت نظارت مستقیم و یا غیر مستقیم اتندینگ ( پزشکان فارغ التحصیل که اکثرا هیئت علمی دانشگاه مربوطه هستند ) به یادگیری و تمرین پزشکی می پردازند.