heave ho

(عامیانه) اخراج (بیشتر در این عبارت: اخراج شدن یا کردن، بیرون کردن give the heave-ho)، (ندای ناویان هنگام بلند کردن چیزی) هی !، یاعلی !
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1 ) ( idiomatic, Britain ) To fire, expel or break up with someone. I'm looking for work again because they gave me the heave - ho
Wikidictionary. com
2 ) informal humorous. to take someone's job away from them, usually because that person has done something wrong: The newspaper's foreign editor was given the heave - ho yesterday.
to end a romantic relationship with someone ( 3
Cambridge Dictionary
4 ) give ( one ) the ( old ) heave - ho
To dismiss or reject one. "Heave - ho" refers to the literal lifting and tossing of an object, used figuratively in this sense
5 ) give something/someone the heave - ho
If you give something or someone the heave - ho or the old heave - ho, you get rid of them
TheFreeDictionary. com
۱ - عذر کسی را خواستن ( یهویی ) ، اخراج کردن، برکنار کردن
dismissal of someone from a job, contest
۲ - دور انداختن، کنار گذاشتن چیزیی که دیگه کارایی لازم رو نداره
۳ - اصطلاح دریانودرد ها هنگام کشیدن طناب ها
Give the old heave - ho : بندازش دور، ردش کن بره
I guess it's time to give that boombox the old heave - ho

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