have fill

پیشنهاد کاربران

تا خرخره خوردن
به اندازه ی کافی کاری را انجام دادن، بیش از حد به کاری پرداختن، مربوط به زمانی است که فرد انقدر کاری را انجام دهد که دیگر رقبتی برای ادامه آن باقی نماند
دل سیر - تا دلت بخواد - هر چقدر دلت میخواد - به حد کافی - دویونجان ( ترکی )
To have, consume, or experience as much ( of something ) as one desires or is able to. Often used in the present perfect tense ( "have had one's fill" ) .
[مشاهده متن کامل]

Make sure you have your fill of cake—we made plenty for everyone!
I've had my fill of people giving me advice about my love life.
Janet: "Would you like any more of this curry?" Mark: "No, thank you, I've had my fill.
I’ve had my fill of Star Wars movies. I never want to see another one as long as I live