have at it

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10. In modern usage, to have at is to attempt, to go ahead, or to attack physically. I suspect it comes from a shortening of the phrase have a go ( at ) , which is used in the very same situations. Have at it means try ( to do ) it, have at thee!
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🎆 1. To strike or attack someone or something.
The two boys had at each other until the teacher arrived to break up the fight.
2. To attempt or try to do something.
Now that finals are over, I need to have at cleaning up my room.
3. To do something with energy and enthusiasm.
It didn't take long for the kids to have at the cupcakes I'd set out.
If you want to paint, have at it! All the supplies are still out.
🎆 Start doing something. Get down to it.
We are ready to start, let's have at it.
🎆 Command to do something.
When placing a plate of brownies down infront of his drunk friends, Tom said "have at it boys".
After seeing Sean get punch repeatedly by the opposition in the middle of a maul in a rugby game, Tom grabbed the offender in a full - nelson and positioned him face - first to Sean, saying "have at it".

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