grind away

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The phrase "grind away" can have a couple of different meanings depending on the context:
Persistence and hard work: When someone is said to "grind away, " it means they are putting in continuous effort and working diligently towards a goal, often in a relentless or tireless manner. It implies perseverance and a strong work ethic. For example, "She's been grinding away at her studies to get good grades. "
[مشاهده متن کامل]

Grinding or wearing down: In a literal sense, "grind away" can refer to the process of gradually wearing something down through friction or repetitive motion. It can describe the action of grinding or eroding an object or material over time. For instance, "The constant use of the machine caused it to grind away at its metal components. "
Both interpretations convey a sense of ongoing effort, either in terms of hard work and dedication or the wearing down of something through continuous action.

They are just grinding away at a boring task
آنها بر خلاف میلشان به این کار خسته کننده تن می دهند
Grind : کوبیدن ، خرد کردن ، اسیاب کردن ، ساییدن ، کاریکنواخت ، اذیت کردن ، سخت کارکردن
grind away زحمت کشیدن ، تقلا کردن ، کوشش کردن ، رنج کشیدن ، کار پرزحمت ، سخت کار کردن ، مثل اسب یا سگ کار کردن

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