go south

انگلیسی به انگلیسی

• proceed in a southerly direction, go to a place located in the south; (slang) perform oral sex

پیشنهاد کاربران

Head ( Go ) South
✔️ Decline, get worse
Go south
( idiomatic )
✔️ To become unfavorable; to decrease; to take a turn for the worse
👈🏿 I should have walked away from the casino when my luck went south, but I stayed and ended up in the hole
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head south
✔️ To escape; to vanish or disappear. ( Not necessarily in a southerly direction. )
👈🏿 Everyone in the gang headed south when they learned that the police had discovered their hideout
✔️ To fall or drop; to depreciate; to lose quality or value. ( Especially related to finances or stock exchanges. )
👈🏿 The company's stock profile continued heading south for the third day in a row today
👈🏿 I used to be a big player in the stock market, but all my investments have headed south lately
✔️ To cease working or functioning; to quit, fail, or fall apart
👈🏿 Talks between the labor union and the construction firm headed south yesterday, so it looks like workers will be on strike again soon
👈🏿 My computer is only a month old, and it's already heading south
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go south
American English informal
✔️ if a situation, organization, or set of standards goes south, it becomes very bad although it was once very good
👈🏿 It seems like all our moral standards have just gone south
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ضرب المثل، با معادل فارسی:
⚡خراب شدن اوضاع ( مربوط به مسائل مالی )

to become much worse/ to deteriorate or fail
اوضاع خیلی بدتر شدن، شکست خوردن، رو به وخامت رفتن
A lot of people ended up losing money when the economy went south
When a transition is handled badly, things can go south very quickly
منابع• https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/go-south
وقتی همه چیز داره خوب پیش میرن و یهو میزنن به توپ و تاب هم
در رفتن
ناپدید شدن
افت کردن
ارزش خود را از دست دادن
به نتیجه نرسیدن
با شکست مواجه شدن
رها کردن
دست کشیدن
اعتصاب کردن. منصرفکشیدن
خراب شدن اوضاع