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This slang term is used to describe something that is completely ruined or beyond repair. It originated in the military and is often used to refer to a situation or object that is in a state of chaos or disarray.
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اصطلاح عامیانه
چیزی که کاملاً ویران شده یا قابل تعمیر نیست.
منشأ آن نظامی است و اغلب برای اشاره به موقعیت یا شیئی که در حالت هرج و مرج یا بی نظمی است استفاده می شود.
“The project is fubar, we’ll have to start from scratch. ”
A person might say, “My computer crashed and now all my files are fubar. ”
In a discussion about a failed business venture, someone might comment, “The company’s financials were fubar from the start. ”

منابع• https://fluentslang.com/slang-for-ruin/
F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition
این اصطلاح در جنگ جهانی دوم به وجود اومده. به این معنیه که شخصی انقدر تصمیم اشتباه گرفته و پلهای پشت سرشو خراب کرده که دیگه امیدی بهش نیست.
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
FUBAR is an acronym that originated in the military, which stands for a situation that is so damaged or out of control that it is "fucked up beyond all recognition, " or alternatively, "fucked up beyond all repair. " According to Techopedia, FUBAR was popularized by American soldiers during the Second World War.
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