fill the shoes

پیشنهاد کاربران

This phrase is often used to describe someone stepping into a role or job that was previously held by someone else. It implies that the person is expected to perform as well as or better than their predecessor.
[مشاهده متن کامل]

این عبارت اغلب برای توصیف شخصی استفاده می شود که وارد یک نقش یا شغلی می شود که قبلاً توسط شخص دیگری انجام شده است. به این معنی است که از فرد انتظار می رود که به خوبی یا بهتر از سلف خود عمل کند.
جایگزین کسی یا چیزی شدن
After the retirement of the longtime CEO, it’s time for someone to fill the shoes and lead the company.
In a sports context, a commentator might say, “The young rookie has big shoes to fill after the departure of the star player. ”
A manager might tell their team, “I believe in each of you to fill the shoes of our former team member and continue to excel in your roles. ”