fall by the wayside

پیشنهاد کاربران

- ناتمام ماندن، ناتمام گذاشتن
25 Students began the course but a number have fallen by the wayside and only 12 will be taking the exam
- فراموش شدن
Parties change over the years as games and dancing fall by the wayside
- عقب افتادن، ناموفق بودن
If you don't do your homework now, it won't be long before you fall by the wayside in this class
- مورد بی توجهی قرار گرفتن
With the economy suffering, the president's plan for environmental reform has increasingly fallen by the wayside
- ناموفق بودن
Only about half of this group will graduate. The rest will fall by the wayside
به حاشیه رفتن.
از صحنه کنار رفتن.
بلا استفاده شدن
کاربرد خود را از دست دادن
به فراموشی سپرده شدن
به کنار رانده شدن
To become obsolete
No longer used
To be discarded

The usage of this idiom has fallen by the wayside
مشاهده پیشنهاد های امروز

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