پیشنهاد کاربران

This term refers to a facilitator who is known for their innovative and creative approach to guiding group discussions and activities. A Facilinator is someone who goes above and beyond traditional facilitation methods to bring new ideas and techniques to the table.
[مشاهده متن کامل]

تسهیلگری که به دلیل رویکرد نوآورانه و خلاقانه خود در هدایت بحث ها و فعالیت های گروهی شناخته شده است.
تسهیل کننده کسی است که فراتر از روش های تسهیل گری سنتی می رود تا ایده ها و تکنیک های جدید را به روی میز بیاورد.
John is a Facilinator. He always comes up with unique icebreaker activities to get the group engaged.
In a team - building workshop, a participant might say, “Our Facilinator introduced a new brainstorming technique that really sparked our creativity. ”
A colleague might compliment a Facilinator by saying, “You’re a true Facilinator, always finding new ways to keep the group motivated and focused. ”