eureka moment

پیشنهاد کاربران

لحظه ای که در آن شخص چیزی را متوجه یا حل می کند
I suppose that was my Eureka Moment right there.
The Guardian ( 2016 )
In that coffee shop, inside the pages of that first book, was my Eureka moment.
[مشاهده متن کامل]

The Guardian ( 2016 )
Its leaders describe their own eureka moment during those initial consultations.
The Guardian ( 2015 )
It was the classic eureka moment.
The Guardian ( 2016 )
That was a eureka moment for us.
The Guardian ( 2016 )
His eureka moment came a few years ago during a game of backyard cricket.
Times, Sunday Times ( 2012 )
After three years of study, one morning he had a 'little eureka' moment.
Times, Sunday Times ( 2015 )
Then the town council had a eureka moment and adopted it as policy.
Times, Sunday Times ( 2008 )
My analysis had no 'eureka' moment when these concerns suddenly disappeared.
Times, Sunday Times ( 2013 )
Dadha described the experience as a 'eureka moment'.
Times, Sunday Times ( 2013 )