drink laugh etc yourself silly

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drink, laugh, etc. yourself silly
The phrase “drink, laugh, etc. yourself silly” means to drink, laugh, or do something else so much that you are unable to think clearly or behave with good judgment. It is usually used to describe a situation where someone is having a lot of fun or is very amused by something.
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خندیدن یا انجام کار دیگری است که نمی توانید به وضوح فکر یا با قضاوت خوب رفتار کنید. معمولاً برای توصیف موقعیتی است که در آن شخصی بسیار سرگرم یا با چیزی خیلی سرگرم می شود.
She laughed herself silly when she saw his funny costume. She couldn’t stop giggling.
They danced themselves silly at the club. They were exhausted but happy.
He sang himself silly at the karaoke night. He had a great voice.

drink laugh etc yourself silly
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