don't flatter yourself

پیشنهاد کاربران

اینقدر خودت رو دست بالا نگیر⠀
✳ a very annoying catch phrase, normally said by immature freshmen, that is used to down - play the fact that the speaker of the phrase isn't as good at something as they claim they are.

It is also used to annoy the crap out of everyone around them because the speaker could not think of something more intelligent to say.
Suraj: Did you just farticulate?
Mark: oh don't flatter yourself

✳ to believe something about oneself that makes one feel pleased or proud Don't flatter yourself—you don't sing any better than we do.

✳ It's another way of saying you're exaggerating or lying, in order to make yourself look better. It means, don't rate yourself too highly. It's typically used when someone is puffing up some aspect of themselves and the other person doesn't see that as warranted.

For example, if Paris Hilton said "I'm not really one for self - publicity, " then "Don't flatter yourself" might be a reaction given Paris Hilton is a master of self - publicity
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