coordinating conjunction

(دستور زبان) حرف ربط همپایه (مانند: and و but و or)، ادات همپایه
شبکه مترجمین ایران

بررسی کلمه

اسم ( noun )
• : تعریف: a conjunction, such as "and" or "but," that connects words, phrases, or clauses that have equivalent structures or ranks. (Cf. subordinating conjunction.)

به انگلیسی

• in grammar, a co-ordinating conjunction is a type of conjunction that joins together words, groups, or clauses of the same type or quality. in the sentences `my mother and father worked hard' and `call me if you feel lonely or depressed', `and' and 'or' are co-ordinating conjunctions.

پیشنهاد کاربران

حرف ربط همپایه ساز
حروف ربط بین دو جمله مستقل ( independend )
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