civil commotion


[حقوق] اغتشاش و آشوب داخلی

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Civil commotion is a term that means a violent situation in which many people in a public place cause serious damage. It is usually the result of a revolt or riot by a large group of people who are unhappy with something. Civil commotion can also be called civil disobedience or civil disturbance.
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اصطلاحی است به معنای وضعیت خشونت آمیز که در آن افراد زیادی در یک مکان عمومی آسیب جدی وارد می کنند. معمولاً نتیجه شورش یا طغیان گروه زیادی از مردم است که از چیزی ناراضی هستند. آشوب مدنی را می توان نافرمانی مدنی یا اغتشاش مدنی نیز نامید.
The protests against the government turned into a civil commotion, with people burning cars and smashing windows.
The police tried to control the civil commotion that erupted after the football match, but they were outnumbered by the angry fans.

civil commotion