cause and effect

علت و معلول، انگیزه و انگیخته، پیش آور و پیایند
شبکه مترجمین ایران

بررسی کلمه

صفت ( adjective )
• : تعریف: of, pertaining to, or arising from a connection between two events in which one causes the other to happen.


[مهندسی گاز] علت و معلول
[ریاضیات] علت و معلول

به انگلیسی

• action and reaction, factor and outcome, action and result

پیشنهاد کاربران

علت و معلولی
علت و معلول
. E. g
Zarif said: . . . You see there is a cause - and - effect situation: The United States stopped complying and then after a year or almost 15 months, five IAEA reports indicated that Iran even continued to comply after the U. S. withdrew. And then Iran stopped and reduced its compliance
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