breathe one's last

/brið wʌnz læst//briːð wʌnz lɑːst/

معنی: مردن
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مترادف ها

مردن (اصطلاح)
be gathered to one's father, fall asleep, kick the bucket, take the ferry, give up the ghost, go off the hooks, breathe one's last, cash in one's chips, go to glory, go the way of all flesh, go to one's grave, go to one's last account, go to one's last resting place, go to one's long home, go to one's long rest, go west, hand in one's checks, hand in one's dinner pail, join the great majority, lay down one's life, pass beyond the veil, pay the debt of nature, peg out, pop one's clogs, shuffle off this mortal coil, snuff it, turn up one's toes, yield one's breath

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