bloody nose

پیشنهاد کاربران

دماغ خونی
get a bloody nose ( give some one a bloody nose )
1. خون دماغ ( خونریزی بینی ) 2. تحقیر شدن، کِــنِــف شدن ( شکستی که باعث صدمه روحی و شکستن غرور شخص می‎شود )
مثال ها:
1. Literally, to begin to experience blood flowing from one's nose
. I always seem to get a bloody nose in dry climates like this
. I didn't get a bloody nose because someone hit me, Mom—I fell at the playground
2. To receive an injury to one's emotions or pride
". A: "He got a bloody nose in the election all right. " B: "Yeah, to lose when everyone expects you to win—that's rough
خون دماغ
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