banner year

پیشنهاد کاربران

سال موفق
سالی سرشار از موفقیت
a year in which something is especially successful

او سالی سرشار از موفقیت را سپری می کند.
He is on pace to have a banner year
سال سود آور برای بنگاه ها و سازمان ها
سال پر از موفقیت
سال طلایی
🔵Banner Year
A year marked by strong successes

🔵a banner year/season/month/week
a particularly good or successful period of time
👈🏿 2004 was a banner year for astronomy
👈🏿 Technology stocks had a banner month, rising 6. 9 per cent

🔵banner year
( North American English )
​a year in which something is especially successful
👈🏿 It was a banner year for Mexico’s tourist industry
TOPICS Success

🔵banner ˌyear
American English
a year that is good because something is successful
• True, it had not been a banner year for Republican candidates, thanks to the resignation of President Nixon that summer
• I had a banner year, and it took another banner year to beat me
• But even elsewhere, 1995 was a banner year for conspiracy theories
• Nineteen seventy - seven was a banner year for me, because I was doing all four at once
• Realtors are pinning their hopes for another banner year on low mortgage rates
• Further, she predicted that the division will have another banner year and set a new record in the current fiscal year

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