all over the place

پیشنهاد کاربران

۱, همه جا
I searched for you all over the place.
همه جا رو دنبالت گشتم
۲, بهم ریخته و بدون نظم ، پخش و پلا
Your papers are all over the place. Please tide them up.
برگه هات همه جا پخش و پلا هستن ، لطفا مرتبشون کن
1 -
Disorganized or chaotic
بی نظم یا پر هرج و مرج، آشفته، بی سامان
The meeting was a mess. The agenda was unclear, and the discussion was all over the place
Her thoughts were all over the place, making it difficult for her to focus on one task at a time
[مشاهده متن کامل]

2 -
Widespread or scattered
گسترده یا پراکنده
The news about the new product launch was all over the place, with articles appearing in multiple newspapers and websites
The company has branches all over the place, making it easy for customers to access their services
3 -
Inconsistent or varied
ناسازگار یا متنوع، ناهماهنگ، ناپایدار
Her emotions were all over the place, shifting rapidly from joy to sadness
The weather this week has been all over the place, ranging from sunny to rainy and back again

All Over The Place
✔️ Everywhere; in many different locations
✔️ everywhere
👈🏿 "we've been all over the place looking for you"
✔️ in a disorganized or confused state
"the government is all over the place on this"
[مشاهده متن کامل]

all over the place
idiom informal
( also all over the joint ) ; ( UK also all over the shop )
✔️ in a lot of different places or in all parts of a place
👈🏿 You can buy T - shirts like this all over the place
👈🏿 There were dirty dishes and clothes all over the place
✔️ not correct, regular, or well organized; changing a lot without reason
👈🏿 His drumming was all over the place
👈🏿 The team were all over the shop today
✔️ a ) everywhere
👈🏿 There was blood all over the place
✔️ b ) in a very untidy state
👈🏿 She came in with her hair all over the place

همه جا ریخته و پر و پخش
نامنظم، نامرتب و شلخته
غیرمنسجم، بدون انسجام
یک. پخش و پلا و پراکنده
دو. نامنظم
خراب کردن، گند زدن، افتضاح. . drammer all over the place last night دیشب نوازنده جاز گند زد!!
همه جا، مثلا اون به واسطه شغلش این امکان رو داره که همه جا رو ببینه.
پرو پخش، پخش و پلا، درهم برهم، بهم ریخته، چه در مورد اشخاص و چه اشیاء
همه ی مکان، همه جا
. I was finding God all over the place
من داشتم خدا را در همه جا پیدا می کردم.
In a very untidy state.
داخل مکان های زیادی ، همه جا
همه جاها
I looked for you all over the place
همه جا رو دنبالت گشتم.
تمرکز نداشتن
از هر دری ( در مفهوم پراکندگی )
گیج، مات و مبهوت، دست پاچه، سردرگم
در این سو و آن سو - در همه جا
شلخته بودن
ردیف نبودن
گیج و به هم ریخته بودن
پراکنده در جایی
مشاهده ادامه پیشنهادها (١٠ از ٢١)

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